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Art.-Nr. 09-13

Electronic skip line control

Model Electronic skip line control ESP6
Painting modes automatic for new roads or resurfaced roads, semi-automatic for repaint, manual for special markings, adjustable water gaps, system cleaning mode
Number of programs 8 programs line gap separate programmable, valve connection adjustable (left/right)
Line and gap lengh line and gap programmable, from 0,01 up to 99,99 m in 1 cm steps
Integrated options moulded markings, beadguns, thermo- and extrudercontrol
Total meter counters 3 for programs, 3 for manual marking
Speedometer 0 – approx. 50 km/h, 0,1 km/h resolution
Adjustable minimal speed 0 – approx. 10 km/h, f. e. for thermo- and spaymachines
Interface USB 2.0
Keyboard waterproofed foil switch with tactile confirmation and palpable embossed keys
Valve connections left or right and shiftable additional line
Electrical connection 12 up to 30 volts, 6 watts max. (without valves)
Dimensions with / without connectors 172 x 112 x approx. 300 mm / 172 x 112 x 255 mm
Weight approx. 2,1 kg
Options operating data logging, 3-line system
Right of technical modifications reserved
State of art: 01.11.2014_en


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